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Romeo et Juliette

Riverside Opera | Rose Theatre, Kingston | 2013

“May hatred be dispelled when they hear your decision, and soothed in the love that you bear.”


In a world where lives are ruled by secrets, fear and an ancient grudge, passion changes everything in a heartbeat. But in a divided city where this young love is forbidden, people are torn apart by hate. Gounod's opera retells Shakespeare's tragic love story in a striking new production, staged in the year of the playwright's 450th birthday. 


Sophie Gilpin directs Riverside Opera’s production of Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet. The haunting question inherent in this story – and one that resonates throughout history – is “Who is to blame for the death of the innocents?” Their own choices, the bigotry of their parents, or a divided society’s values and belief systems?

For almost 20 years Riverside Opera has brought together established professional soloists, production teams and orchestra with a community chorus. This production of Romeo and Juliet will premiere a brand new English translation by Russell Plows. 

Conductor: Sam Evans

Director: Sophie Gilpin

Designer: Luis Carvalho

Lighting Designer: Fabiana Piccioli

Choreographer: Alice Weber

Romeo: John-Colyn Gyeantey/Adam Smith

Juliet: Eleanor Ross/Anna Goodhew

Friar Lawrence: Christopher Foster
Mercutio: Marc Callahan
Stephano: Maud Millar
Capulet: Thomas Colwell
Tybalt: Andrew Friedhoff
Gertrude: Sandra Porter
The Duke: Jon Stainsby
Paris: Jamie Rock
Gregorio: Dominic Kraemer

Production Photos

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