Sophie's role: Director & Producer

On Sunday 6th September 2015 Spitalfields Market in London played host to an entire afternoon of classical music, dance and spoken word in order to fundraise for Unicef’s Earthquake Appeal.

Performers from all stages in their careers – from world-class performers to new, young talent – came together in order to raise a considerable amount of money for Unicef’s relief work in Nepal.

Situated in the gateway to the market, underneath the canvas canopy in Bishops Square, audience members were free to come and go as they pleased. The event was entirely free but generous donations were encouraged.

The concert consisted of soloists, choirs and traditional Nepalese dances. Member of the British Gurkha Veterans Association were present in uniform to show their support and encourage cash donations in collection buckets.


“Every single event in aid of Nepal’s stricken communities and shattered infrastructure is valuable beyond words. My warmest thanks and admiration are with... those playing, and those listening, and all the kind and generous donors who have made this concert possible.”


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